Yoga and Pilates at Breathe in Melbourne CBD

At Breathe you can savour a Pilates, yoga or functional fitness class with one of Melbourne's leading instructors. Or just sit around and enjoy the eclectic music mix, free fruit and ever-changing tea blends. Or coffee. We also have free coffee.

Plus we know how to fine-tune (or overhaul) your posture, muscle balance and movement patterns based on the latest research.

If Pilates or functional fitness is your thing, you probably won't notice the science behind Breathe classes, but you'll instantly notice the increased ease, comfort, strength and general pleasure you experience in your movement (also, we hope you won't mind looking amazing in jeans).

If you're a yogi, over time you may observe subtle effects from your practice at Breathe. Your third eye will open, revealing the world fully for the illusion that it is,  transcending materialistic attachments until you are at one with the universal prana... Just joking. But as your practice develops you will become more mindful, flexible, strong and graceful. Ok, maybe we were only half joking.

Our reception folk are cool, quirky and ever-friendly. But not in an 'it's your job description to be friendly by reading from this script' kind of way. Rather more in an 'I'm just a genuinely friendly person and I naturally express that by taking extra care when blending the tea or helping you with your class booking' kind of way.

I have made more progress in the last few weeks than in the previous 3 years

After 3 pretty ordinary years of lower back pain, and a string of people who haven't made any difference I have finally made more progress in the last few weeks that in the previous 3 years.

I am starting to feel stronger in the core which is translating to every part of my body and especially my outlook on life.


Brad Dunk, 40, Business Owner